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Adhesives, Grout & Silicones

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Armidale Ceramics is the local distributor for Ardex Australia Pty. Ltd the manufacturer of the renowned Ardex and ABA range of adhesives, grouts, additives and silicones for the ceramic tile industry.

Armidale Ceramics have a comprehensive range of the popular Ardex tile fixing products for most applications on hand in our storeroom. For specialised fixing materials required for specialised applications Armidale Ceramics will be glad to order these products from Ardex Australia on request.

Ardex and ABA fixing products have been researched, developed and used in the tiling industry for over 40 years. As a result Ardex and ABA products have stood the test of time, the products are considered to be reliable and are trusted by hundreds of ceramic tilers everyday. Armidale Ceramics recommends, proudly stocks and supplies Ardex and ABA adhesives, grouts, additives and silicones.

Make sure your tiles, stone and glass stays adhered by insisting on Ardex and ABA fixing and grouting products supplied by Armidale Ceramics.

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