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Firearm Barrel & Bore Maintenance

To inhibit corrosion, prevent degradation and maintain the accuracy of a firearm it must be cleaned on a regular basis, especially after firing. Ballistol dissolves traces of lead, copper, zinc, brass and tombac which are residues left by projectiles when they pass through the bore. Ballistol also removes powder residue from the bore and on external surfaces, its alkaline character neutralises the acidic residue of gun powders, especially black powder and the residue simply dissolves.

Here are four easy steps to cleaning the bore in a modern rifle or shotgun:-

First and foremost ensure your firearm is UNLOADED.

Step 1
Preferably as soon as possible after firing, place a Ballistol saturated cloth patch on an appropriate sized jag (.177 cal to 12 ga) and with one stroke push the cleaning rod through from the chamber to the muzzle for a bolt or break action firearm. The reverse applies for a lever action, pump action, falling block or self loading firearm, stroke muzzle to chamber where the bolt assembly can't be easily removed. Remove the soiled patch at the muzzle or chamber end depending on the firearm and then retract the rod.

Step 2
Replace the jag with an appropriate sized nylon or bronze brush and again saturate the brush with Ballistol. Push the cleaning rod completely through the bore and pull it back through again. Do NOT stop mid barrel and change direction. Using brass core brushes and brushes in good condition is recommended so not to damage the bore, chamber or muzzle. Repeat this scrubbing process several times. A general rule is one back and forth stroke for each shot and to stop at a maximum of 20 strokes. Remove the brush from the bore and clean the residue and fouling from the brush in "Shell Lite" then detach the brush from the rod.

Step 3
Return the jag to the cleaning rod and push a dry patch through the bore to remove the fouling released by the brushing. One complete stroke only and remove the soiled patch at the muzzle or chamber end depending on the firearm and retract the rod.
Place another patch on the jag and saturate it with Ballistol and return the rod into the bore. The cleaning rod can either be pushed through with one stroke or oscillating short backward and forward movements down the length of the barrel. Remove the soiled patch and retract the cleaning rod. A coating of Ballistol will be left in the barrel. Leave this excess Ballistol in the barrel for a short period of time, approximately half an hour.

Step 4
Following the short break place a dry patch on the jag and with one stroke pass the cleaning rod through the bore. Any fouling loosened by the Ballistol will be removed, discard the soiled patch.
Place another patch on the jag and saturate it with Ballistol and pass the rod through the bore again. When the patch is retrieved it should be clean. A film of Ballistol oil will be left in the bore to give a protective coating and at the same time impregnate the finest cracks and fissures in the bore metal. As a result of this impregnation the bore is further cleaned while the firearm is not in use and it will make future cleaning much easier. The firearm is ready for short term storage. Prior to the firearm being fired a dry patch should pushed through the bore to remove the excess Ballistol and the extra fouling that has been released from the pores of the bore metal.

Firearm External & Component Care

External surfaces and other metallic components are cleaned by wiping down with a cloth containing Ballistol. In cases of stubborn fouling the use of a nylon brush maybe required. Trigger mechanisms, bolt and receiver assemblies, extractors, magazines, barrels are to be covered with a film of Ballistol. Ballistol will lubricate, impregnate and protect these metallic components and assist in their smooth operation.

Ballistol and Timber Stock Care

Ballistol protects, preserves and rejuvenates untreated wooden gun stocks. Ballistol penetrates into the wood and inhibits the growth of fungus and mildew. Ballistol lubricates and re-treats oiled stocks. Ballistol preserves wood in both extreme damp and dry environments. Ballistol will not adversely affect PVC, high pressure polyethylene, mipolam, teflon and hostaflon derivatives.

Ballistol and Leather

When the alkaline Ballistol is applied to leather it reacts with the tannic acid that is present in the leather following processing. The interaction creates a compound called tannate. The tannate now contained in the leather makes the leather water impermeable. Ballistol makes and keeps smooth leathers soft and supple and also will rejuvenate old dried leather. Ballistol protects smooth leather items such as slings, belts, holsters, boots etc against moisture, insect, mildew and fungus. Treating leather holsters with Ballistol will prevent the corrosion caused to blued firearms due to the firearm being contained in the holster for long periods of time.
When applied Ballistol will darken the original leather.
For aesthetic reasons Ballistol being an oil should NOT be used on suede.

Ballistol and Brass

Ballistol cleans powder residue and oxidation (tarnish) from brass cases. Simply rub the cases with a cloth saturated with Ballistol wait a few minutes and rub clean. Aggressive corrosion that has pitted the brass may require a combination of a steel wool pad and Ballistol. Ballistol lubricates and protects cartridges against corrosion and oxidation due to moisture, gun powder fumes and acid in sweat (fingerprints). A film of Ballistol can be applied to fired cases to assist lubrication when full length or neck sizing.

Ballistol Emulsifies in Water

Ballistol is a unique oil that emulsifies in water compared with other gun oils that displace water. Water displacement is fine except in situations such as holes or concave configurations where it does not work. In a concave situation water displaces the gun oil which floats on the top of the water. The oil floating on top of the water results in the area being no longer protected and the water is unable to dissipate under the oil thus causing corrosion. Ballistol is different it emulsifies with the water and will still protect while in solution with the water. The Ballistol / Water mix will still lubricate and inhibit corrosion. Ballistol can be used to lubricate wet firearms, wet leather and wet wood. Ballistol does not cover up the water hence the water can dissipate and the risk of corrosion is diminished. No other product can do this.

Ballistol Unique Quality & Versatility

  • Acts as a superlative lubricant
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Neutralises acidic residue
  • Waterproofs and softens leather
  • Preserves wood in extreme damp or dry conditions
  • Cleans and lubricates all metals
  • Biodegradable and aerosol does not contain CFCs
  • Non Toxic to warm blooded and aquatic organisms
  • Miscible in water
  • Electrically insulating
  • Never gums up or hardens with age
  • Ultra violet filtering
  • Disinfects
  • Mildly alkaline pH 8.5 to 9.5
  • Has an odour like liquorice, anise or ouzo

Robla Solo MIL Barrel Cleaner

Tested and unsurpassed also in the field of military use! What is good has got one enemy - that which is better. This is the reason why Robla Solo was developed further and replaced by Robla Solo MIL. On the basis of the excellent results of a series of tests performed by the German Army's Institute of Military Research, there followed the decision to use Robla Solo MIL even with special units of the armed forces.

Robla Solo MIL consists of very special compounds including ammonia. This formula has not only the power to dissolve any residue of copper, tombac and zinc but also lead, the number one enemy to the precision of a gun. Steel, chrome and nickel are not attacked by Robla Solo MIL.

In case of heavy metal residue it is a good idea to put Robla Solo MIL into the barrel, which must be plugged on one side by means of cork or gum stopper, and then wait for a couple of hours, best overnight, until Robla Solo MIL has done its job. If there is just slight residue to be removed, it suffices to pull a tow (Sucol, Sucolin or Sucolin Extra) or a felt stopper soaked with Robla Solo MIL through the barrel several times.

Robla Solo Blackpowder Solvent

Robla Blackpowder Solvent loosens and removes remainders of blackpowder, soot and rust. It also removes oil and carbon particles clinging to the metal. Robla-Schwarzpulver-Solvent is particularly recommended for the cleaning of cartridge ejection systems in revolvers and the cartridge feeds in pistols which are highly susceptible to powder residue. Robla Blackpowder Solvent will keep your weapon well functioning, which saves you from anger and frustration.

Gunex Gun Oil

The perfect oil for the long-term preservation of bare metallic parts, even in extreme conditions (-50C up to 100C). This oil creeps between metal and moisture, infiltrates hairline cracks, cleans, keeps surfaces smooth, does not get sticky or resinify either. Gunex 2000 is free from silicone, chlorinated hydrocarbon and ozone-damaging CFCs.

Perfect protection in all climate zones - including the tropics! With Gunex 2000, everything stays protected against rust even in wet conditions! Removes powder and tombac residues, ensures that the complete mechanisms of rifles, pistols and revolvers run smoothly; cares and protects. Resins of unsuitable oils are dissolved. Also suitable for the care of fishing rods, telescopic pull-outs and barrels. Protects and cares for moving components, shiny metals, screw joints and traction systems, also against salty air and splash water. Ideal for the treatment of squeaking, creaking or tight joints. Prevents the freezing of locks, loosens resinous dirt and tar, and provides metal and chrome parts long term protection against corrosion. Keeps battery, distributor and ignition coil contacts clean, eliminates damp, and prevents the penetration of creeping water. Gunex 2000 also reliably functions as chain oil for motorcycles.

For complete firearm care and maintenance there is only one oil that can do it all "Ballistol Gun Oil", why not give it go!